MINDY BLOCK FEIRMAN is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist who has maintained a private practice in Washington, DC for more than 25 years. Mindy’s practice is devoted to preventative and therapeutic nutrition counseling. Her philosophy is to integrate positive nutrition habits into a long-term healthy lifestyle. Mindy is licensed to practice in Maryland and Washington.

Mindy has served as a nutrition consultant to many government agencies, non-profits, and corporations, including the National Academy of Sciences, American Diabetes Association, American Heart Association, American Institute for Cancer Research, Department of Justice, World Bank, National Geographic, and Gannett Corporation. She is a frequent speaker on nutrition topics, is often quoted in the press, and has appeared on CNN and local cable television.

Earlier in her career, Mindy was a clinical dietitian at the George Washington University Medical Center. Mindy is a native New Yorker and resides in Potomac, Maryland.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with Mindy, please call or email her. If you have specific nutrition issues, you should obtain a referral and a copy of your labs from your physician.